Building a Genuine Personal Brand: Insights from Keigan Carthy on Andrew Cartwright’s Podcast

In the world of social media and digital presence, personal branding has become a buzzword. It’s a concept that has taken center stage in the lives of many, promising opportunities, influence, and success. But are we all approaching it the right way? Keigan Carthy, a content expert, recently shared some invaluable insights on Andrew Cartwright’s podcast, shedding light on the true essence of personal branding.

The Misconception About Personal Branding

One of the key points Carthy emphasized was the prevalent misconception surrounding personal branding. He argued that many people view it solely as creating video content, often driven by a desire to showcase their skills and talents. However, Carthy suggests that this is a limited and ultimately ineffective approach.

“People are looking at it the wrong way,” Carthy noted. “They don’t make lasting connections like we are here. They’re not going out and building friendships. All that they’re doing is just sitting in front of a phone and telling everybody how good they are at something.”

Carthy’s words hit the nail on the head. Personal branding should be about more than just self-promotion. It should involve meaningful connections, building trust, and sharing value with your audience.

The Vanity Trap

In our digital age, it’s easy to fall into the trap of vanity metrics and superficial displays of success. Carthy pointed out that this is a common pitfall in personal branding. “95, 99 percent of the people do this,” he observed. “That’s all that you see, and that’s where all the comparison comes in.”

Posting photos with luxury cars or extravagant vacations might seem like a way to build a personal brand, but Carthy argued that it’s nothing more than vanity. “Somebody goes, rents a Lamborghini, posts about it as flexing, that’s them thinking they’re building a personal brand. No,” he emphasized. “Most intelligent people can see right through that.”

In essence, personal branding should be about authenticity, not ostentation.

Co-Creation: The Heart of Authentic Personal Branding

Keigan Carthy’s approach to personal branding might surprise some, especially considering he runs a content agency. He admitted, “It’s hypocritical, even though I run a content agency, but all the content that I do put out is co-created.”

This is the crux of Carthy’s philosophy on personal branding. Instead of going it alone, he encourages people to collaborate. “Whether that be with industry leaders, friends in the industry, or someone trustworthy and trusted by somebody, it’s with somebody else,” Carthy explained.

His suggestion for building a personal brand is clear: “Find somebody, find a friend, make content with them.” By doing so, you not only showcase your skills and expertise but also demonstrate your ability to collaborate and connect with others.

The Takeaway

In a world saturated with self-promotion, Keigan Carthy’s insights on Andrew Cartwright’s podcast remind us that personal branding is about more than just showcasing our abilities. It’s about building genuine connections, sharing value, and demonstrating authenticity.

So, the next time you think about building your personal brand, remember Carthy’s advice: Co-create, collaborate, and focus on meaningful connections. Otherwise, you might just end up being “an asshole banging on your own chest,” as he so aptly puts it.

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