How We Generated 35 Leads in Two Weeks for a Roofing Client with Facebook Ads

Are you a home service business owner, part of a marketing team, or a marketing agency aiming to boost your lead generation through Facebook? This proven strategy helped us generate 35 leads in just two weeks for a roofing client, and it can work for you too.

Establishing the Foundation: Goals, Content, and Targeting

The cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign is setting clear, actionable goals. Our client sought to generate a higher quantity of leads while ensuring those leads were of better quality. With these objectives in mind, we crafted our entire campaign strategy.

Creating Engaging Content

Effective content is key to capturing attention. Our client utilized CompanyCam to organize and store extensive project images and videos, which we used to create compelling ads.

We also tapped into the Facebook Ads Library to study successful ads in the roofing sector. By focusing on ads that had been active for over a month, we identified successful strategies to adapt for our campaign.

Strategic Targeting

We employed broad targeting to leverage Facebook’s powerful algorithm. Focusing on Ohio, Indianapolis, and Charlotte, North Carolina, and targeting an age range of 18-65+, we allowed Facebook to identify and reach the most promising leads.

Implementing the Ads: Testing and Optimization

We began by developing five different ad copies based on the client’s offers. Testing various elements—such as ad copy, visuals, and offers—was crucial for identifying what resonated most with our audience.

Optimization: After gathering initial performance data, we refined our campaign by adjusting budgets, modifying ad elements, and amplifying high-performing ads. Continuous optimization is essential for enhancing results over time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Campaign
Here’s a practical walkthrough to set up a lead generation campaign on Facebook:

Create Your Campaign:

Access Ads Manager and click ‘Create’.
Select ‘Leads’ and opt for ‘Manual Leads Campaign’.
Define Your Ad Set:

Name your ad set and specify target location, age, and gender.
Choose ‘Instant Forms’ or ‘Calls’ for straightforward lead capture.
Set Your Budget:

Start with a modest daily budget, such as $5 to $10.
Set an end date to run the ads for an initial week.
Target Broadly:

Use broad targeting for location, age, and gender.
Select ‘Original Audience’ instead of ‘Advantage Plus’.
Customize Placements:

Focus on placements like Facebook Feeds, Stories, and Reels.
Exclude less relevant placements like Marketplace.
Create Your Ad:

Upload your media (image or video) and add engaging text, headlines, and call-to-actions.
Essential Tracking and CRM Integration
Accurate tracking is vital for evaluating campaign success. Set up your Facebook Pixel in Events Manager to monitor website visits and interactions. This data is essential for creating effective retargeting ads and refining your approach.

Additionally, integrate your CRM with Facebook to streamline lead data management. Tools like GoHighLevel simplify this process, ensuring seamless data transfer and optimized lead follow-ups.

By focusing on well-defined goals, leveraging compelling content, and utilizing Facebook’s robust targeting and optimization tools, we successfully generated over 35 leads in two weeks for a roofing client. This strategy is versatile and can be adapted to various home service businesses.

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