The Google Local Service Ads & Facebook Ads SOP’s For Local Service Companies

Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not just guidelines; they’re the roadmap to digital success and we believe in transparency unlike a lot of agencies. This is why I am publishing our exact SOP’s on who our ideal client is, our onboarding process and how we actually drive phone calls and leads.

Ideal Clients

  • Local service companies with over $500K in annual revenue.
  • Companies must have at least one dedicated person to answer calls during business hours.
  • A team member available to track and mark leads in the CRM and LSA dashboard.

Operation, Communication & Pricing

  • Internal communication via Slack.
  • Service pricing: $3K/month for both Google LSA & Facebook Ads; $1.5K/month for one service.
  • No setup fee for tracking implementation.

Access Requirements

  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  • Admin access to Facebook Business Manager and the Facebook page.
  • Instagram page access if not linked to the Facebook page.
  • Admin access to Google Ads account and GMB/GBP.
  • Website access for digital plumbing if necessary.
  • Share access details with

In-House Fulfillment Strategy

  • Start with GCT: Goals, Content, Targeting.
  • Goal: Primarily sales, with specific client needs addressed.
  • Content: Use templatized local ad templates and derive ad copy from Facebook ad library research and client’s existing assets. Video content created from a 45-minute Zoom interview with the business owner, answering top PAA questions for repurposing.
  • Targeting: Broad targeting strategy (age, location, gender), with creative and copy fine-tuning the audience. Utilize advantage+ placements and audiences. Implement retargeting campaigns once the pixel is seasoned.
  • Digital Plumbing: Ensure CRM is connected to the business manager account for lead tracking, using tools like LeadsBridge for data integration.
  • For LSA: Marking leads inside the dashboard is crucial for lead management.
  • Authentic Visuals: Require pictures/videos of job sites, crew, and work vehicles for authenticity on GBP.

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